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Slowing Western Markets, Booming China

Automotive Business Review, October 2008
Article by: Dr Martyn Davies

The Chinese government’s strategy was to usher in global players in China through forcing them into joint ventures with local auto players.The objective was to facilitate capital, management and technological transfer from foreign players and local auto makers.

China key to Africa s growth

Management Today, 01 October 2008
Article by:

Possibly the largest footprint by Chinese companies in Africa has been in the construction sector. Many Chinese state owned enterprises have become involved in large infrastructure projects across the continent, often financed by the Chinese government’s foreign aid programmes to Africa.

Africa’s ‘big five’ economies seen driving future growth

Engineering News, 30 Sep 2008
Article By: Chanel Pringle

Growth in Africa would, over the next two to three decades, and beyond, be driven by the “big five” economies of Africa, which would comprise South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa Frontier Advisory senior manager Simon Freemantle said on Tuesday.

China’s new car tax – environmental concern or trade protectionism?

AutoInsight, October 2008
Article By: Dr Martyn Davies

A new car tax will take effect in China this month. China’s Ministry of Finance announced that from the 1st September 2008, it will implement a new consumption tax on passenger cars. The new tax will place a 40% tax on cars with engines larger than 4.1 litres, double the previous level, whilst cars with engines between 3.0-4.1-litres will see an increase in the tax rate from 15% to 25%. There will be no change in the tax on cars with engine sizes between 3.0-2.0 litres, 1.5-2.0 litres and 1.0-1.5 litres. Cars with these specifications with receive a tax of 20%, 8% and 5% respectively. Smaller cars with engines of 1 litre and below will get a tax reduction from 3% to 1%.

Salaam, Indian Business

Destiny, 1 October 2008
Article by:Lisa Witepski

India is the fourth-largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity, says India Frontier Advisory. It’s projected to overtake Japan and become the third major economic power, after China and the US, by 2020.

China stirs the DRC financing pot

Mining Weekly, 12 September 2008
Article by: Hannah Edinger & Johanna Jansson

There has been no lack of attention for the $9-billion mining and infrastructure deal struck on April 22 between stakeholders from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the People’s Republic of China. The agreement has raised enormous interest in the African and international media and a wide array of judgments have been made.

Trading Competition for Productivity

Business Day Column, 8 September 2008
Article by: Simon Freemantle – Head, Africa Frontier Advisory – Frontier Advisory

South African manufacturers need not re-invent the wheel by competing with Asian markets, when they can benefit by trading with them in areas where the local manufacturers do not have a comparative advantage.

“The G8 Summit in Hokkaido, Japan”

Business Day Column, 1 September 2008
Article by: Simon Freemantle – Head, Africa Frontier Advisory – Frontier Advisory

While G8 meetings have become renowned for their ineffectiveness and often hollow rhetoric, the recent foray of the world’s wealthiest nations in Hokkaido, Japan, was particularly fruitless when one considers the proposed agenda. Security in Japan and the remoteness of Hokkaido were factors which reduced the media frenzy usually created by the seasoned protestors surrounding G8 meetings, which, aside from a muffled pledge to halve carbon emissions by 2050 (by which time few of the leader’s making the promises will be alive, let alone accountable), yielded very little. Outdated and increasingly empty promises to increase aid to Africa were seen with justifiable scepticism as all G8 members tried to dodge questions raised regarding their pledges made three years ago at Gleneagles.

Chinese influence expanding rapidly

Business Day, 22 August 2008

China is growing at more than 10% a year and is set to become Africa’s single largest trading partner next year, fuelled in large measure by its inroads into the business and commercial sectors and the growing infrastructure boom on the continent.“This is great for Africa, as Africa’s growth and that of China are interlinked and mutually dependent,” says Martyn Davies, CE of China Frontier Advisory.

Why China trumps SA

Mail & Guardian, 10 August 2008
Article by: Lynley Donnelly

Heavyweight construction giant Murray & Roberts is taking the Namibian Tender Board to the High Court in Windhoek for awarding Chinese competitor China Nanjing International a state tender. Murray & Roberts says the award did not comply with Namibia’s affirmative action or labour laws.

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