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China threat or opportunity?

Stainless Steel Magazine, August-September 2008
Article by: SASSDA Steel

“Everyone is talking about China,” says Dr Martyn Davies, the chief executive of Frontier Advisory, “and with good reason”. While the Western economic world flounders, there is no stopping China. China’s official gross domestic product (GDP) is 11.3% for 2007, but this is a conservative figure considering its lowest provincial GDP is 13% and highest is 18%.

Landpac fills big space in competitive market

Business Day Column, 6 August 2008
Article by: Michael Bleby, Associate Editor

AT PEAK times, Hong Kong International Airport averages just under one takeoff or landing a minute on its two 3,8km runways. What few passengers on these flights know, though, is that the reclaimed land the runways were built on was compressed by a South African company.

Chinese het meer vertroue in Afrika as vasteland se eie mense

Sake24, 31 Julie 2008
Article by: Vida Booysen, Vrystaatse Streeksake

Teen einde volgende jaar sal China Afrika se grootste handelsvennoot word. Van ‘n grondslag van byna geen handel in 1993 het China die afgelope jare ‘n belegger geword wat homself met selfvertroue laat geld in Afrika. Trouens, die Chinese het soms meer vertroue in Afrika as wat die vasteland se mense self toon.

East African Budget Speeches

Business Day Column, July 2008
Simon Freemantle, Head: Africa Frontier Advisory – Frontier Advisory (Pty) Ltd.

Last month, the Finance Ministers of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania simultaneously announced their budget allocations for the 2008/9 financial year – with all three dominated by a dual focus on mitigating the effects of the global food and fuel crisis, as well as an encouraging dedication to ensuring long-term growth through investing in upgrading key infrastructure nodes throughout the region.

China has no need to fear hyperinflation in near term – economist

Engineering News, 27 June 2008
Article by: Christy van der Merwe

Unlike many other developing countries, China was not facing the risk of hyper, or runaway inflation, an economist said on Friday, at the launch of the China Frontier Advisory in Johannesburg. “In the near term, I think some of the inflation fears are definitely unwarranted,” affirmed Economist Group in China chief representative and director of advisory services for China Xu Sitao.

Africa urged to engage and build stronger relationships with China

Engineering News, 27 June 2008
Article by: Christy van der Merwe

When it came to engaging with China, Africa was said to be ‘behind the curve’ of its Australian, European, North American, and most certainly it’s Asian business counterparts. “Directing our commercial emphasis, as an economy, toward the East, rather than the staid, recessionary, old markets of the North and the West,” was viewed as the way to proceed, according to Frontier Advisory CEO Martyn Davies.

Economist sees China’s growth slowing to more sustainable level

Engineering News, 25 June 2008
Article by: Chanel Pringle

China was likely to move towards a “more balanced and sustainable” growth rate within a few years, predicted Economist Group China chief representative Steven Xu Sitao at a conference, in Johannesburg, on Wednesday. He explained that while China’s economy had been growing at a significant rate over the past few years, there were some issues that would challenge its growth in coming years.

SA a preferred destination for Chinese mining investment

Mining Weekly, 20 June 2008
Article by: Keith Campbell, Senior Contributing Editor, Creamer Media

In terms of number of projects, South Africa currently ranks joint second among African countries regarding Chinese investment in mining. There are five mining projects in this country with greater or lesser degrees of Chinese investment.

China, SA face similar developmental challenges

Mining Weekly, 9 June 2008
Article by: Keith Campbell, Senior Contributing Editor, Creamer Media

China and South Africa are at similar stages of economic development and face similar challenges, and so could mutually benefit from cooperation and the exchange of experiences and ideas. This is the view of the deputy director of the Institute of Industrial Economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Jin Bie.

Emerging Markets

Business Day Column, June 2008
Hannah Edinger, Senior Manager: Research, Frontier Advisory (Pty) Ltd

Earlier this year China announced a multi-billion dollar financing package to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The US$ 9 billion loan package, extended through the Export and Import Bank of China (China EXIM Bank) constitutes the largest financing package in the extractive and infrastructure sector by China in Africa to date.

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