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SA Must Change Mindset

Business Day, World Expo 2010 Shanghai, 29th April 2010
Dr Martyn Davies, Chief Executive Officer – Frontier Advisory (Pty) Ltd.

SA’s competition for investment from China is Australia. Chinese investment in Australia reached $26bn from 2008/2009 – remarkable considering that it came at the height of the financial crisis.

China lures Kenya with sweetheart deals

Daily Nation, 3rd May 2010
By Justus Ondari
Quoted: Hannah Edinger, Senior Manager and Head of Research – Frontier Advisory

China is changing. The 1.3-billion people’s economy is expected to take a more inward-looking growth strategy, concentrating on increasing domestic consumption than exports.

SABMiller and Standard Bank in China

Moneyweb, 20th April 2010
Interview with Dr Martyn Davies by Alec Hogg
Market review podcast (highlight): Dr Martyn Davies – director of the China-Africa Network, GIBS

Alec Hogg asks China expert Dr Martyn Davies how South African companies like SABMiller and Standard Bank are doing in the world’s fastest-growing economy.

Infrastructure key to Ghana’s development

Africa Investor, 30th March 2010
The Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Frontier Advisory Morning Seminar

At a gathering today at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Frontier Advisory’s morning seminar entitled “Ghana: The Hub for Business Expansion in West Africa” highlighted Ghana as an attractive destination for investment, and examined its potential as a ‘gateway’ country to the rest of west Africa.

Zimbabwe trade reality

Tradeinvestsa, 17th February 2010
Quoted: Steven Ombati, Senior Analyst (Africa) – Frontier Advisory

Zimbabwe is emerging from its lost decade and is ripe for growth after years of severe economic decline, says Steven Ombati, a senior analyst at the leading business consultancy, Frontier Advisory. This statement was delivered during Ombati’s speech at Wesgro’s Export Development Programme (EDP) 3 seminar held on 11 February 2010.

Africa expands oil production capacity, demand from China strong

Engineering News, 17th March 2010
By Jade Davenport
Quoted: Dr Martyn Davies, Chief Executive Officer – Frontier Advisory

African oil production capacity will continue to grow at a significant rate in the medium-term and production capacity is anticipated to reach 7,4-million barrels a day by 2014, an analyst said on Wednesday.

The lessons that can be learnt from China

Moneyweb, 4th March 2010
Interview with Dr Martyn Davies by Chris Blaine
Market review podcast: Dr Martyn Davies, Director of the China-Africa Network at the Gordon Institute of Business Science

CHRIS BLAINE: In this Market Review podcast we’re chatting to Dr Martyn Davies – director of China Africa Network, GIBS. Martyn, everyone is now focusing on China and a lot of people are starting to look at where we come from – Africa – and saying why hasn’t Africa been able to replicate China’s success?

Yingli scores with Fifa

Financial Mail, 12th February 2010
By Claire Bisseker
Quoted: Dr Martyn Davies, Chief Executive Officer – Frontier Advisory

SA’s hosting of the Fifa soccer World Cup just became a bit greener, with the announcement last week that the first renewable energy company in history has joined the event as a major sponsor.

GDP growth in China: Martyn Davies

Moneyweb, 21st January 2010
By Hilton Tarrant
Interview with Martyn Davies, Chief Executive Officer – Frontier Advisory; director for the China network of GIBS

In six months China will probably be the world’s No 2 economy.

China’s Growth: African correlation

Financial Mail, 15th January 2010
By Claire Bisseker
Quoted: Dr Martyn Davies, Chief Executive Officer – Frontier Advisory

The global financial crisis has accelerated China’s emergence as a global economic superpower but its growth is increasingly correlated with Africa’s, which it now relies on for 25% of its oil imports.

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