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Stuttering Asia holds SA’s growth hostage

Business Day, February 24, 2009
Article By: Ethel Hazelhurst

South Africa’s growth outlook is increasingly dependent on trade with Asia and the failure of that region’s emerging economies to decouple from the West is becoming more of a threat than an opportunity to the country.

China wil Afrika-hulpbronmark sýne maak

Beeld, 22 Februarie 2009
Artikel deur: Jan de Lange

Die afgelope dekade het ’n regstreekse ekonomiese verbintenis tussen China en Afrika ontstaan nadat die regering in Beijing in 1998 ’n doelgerigte besluit geneem het dat Afrika ’n sleutolrol in die ontwikkeling van China te speel het.

Africa, once thought immune, succumbs to global crisis

Globe & Mail,February 5, 2009
Article by: Geoffrey York

Africa, once thought immune, succumbs to global crisis: Optimistic forecasts are being scaled back as the continent’s leaders brace for the end of the recent boom. When the global financial crisis erupted last fall, Africa was one of the few regions of the world that hoped to survive unscathed. After all, Africa’s banks had little exposure to the toxic debts of the Western financial system. Focused on their domestic markets, and relatively well regulated, Africa’s banks were able to escape the worst of the global storm.

Africa, China economic growth intertwined

Creamer Media’s Mining Weekly, 12th February 2009
Article By: Jade Davenport

A new coupling of Africa and China’s economies was beginning to materialise, Frontier Advisory CEO Dr Martyn Davies suggested on Thursday. Addressing delegates at the Mining Indaba in Cape Town, Davies explained that, in 1996, an economic growth correlation emerged between the African and Chinese economies.

We need more Chinese consumers in SA

AutoInsght, February 2009
Article by: Dr Martyn Davies, Chief Executive Officer – Frontier Advisory

In times of economic hardship, the Chinese have the ability to band together to demand cheaper prices and better service. And the dealers are more than prepared to go along with their demands.

China gaan Afrika se ridder op ‘n wit perd wees, se kenner

Sake 24, Beeld – 10 Februarie 2009
Artikel deur: Jaco Leuvennink

China se ekonomie gaan ondanks die huidige skerp afswaai ‘n toonaangewer bly, wat positiewe nuus is vir Afrika, meen ‘n kenner van Oosterse sake.

Frontier Markets

The South African Exporter, Business Day – February 2009
Article by: Hannah Edinger, Senior Manager: Research, Frontier Advisory

As 2008 came to an end, growth forecasts for African and other emerging markets were revised downwards, as most developed markets collapsed and slipped into recession. Speculation over the effects on Africa’s economic landscape in light of weaker global demand started to reflect a significant drop in GDP growth rates, rapidly adjusting what had been about a decade of phenomenal growth.

Malaysia Builds its Auto sector

Article by: Dr Martyn Davies, Chief Executive Officer – Frontier Advisory
Automotive Business Review, December 2008 – January 2009

The international Automotive Industry like most, is facing huge challenges and is being adversely affected by a deteriorating world economic outlook. Although, the Maylasian automotive sector has shown resilience in a slowing economy with an increase in demand at the beginning of the year, following two years of declining sales. Market demand for automobiles has contracted in the second half of 2008 due to an increase in fuel prices, stringent loan approvals and weak economic growth.

Classic Business Interview

Classic Business (Classic FM – 102.7 FM), 05 January 2009
Podcast by: John Fraser
John Frazer & Dr Martyn Davies, CEO – Frontier Advisory

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Mystical mega-power

Article by: Abdullah Verachia, Head: India Frontier Advisory – Frontier Advisory
Global Village: Issue 3, Strategicmarketing 43

India’s about to burst at the seams with glittering potential and opportunity.Abdullah Verachia lays down the facts to consider before entering this lucrative marketplace.

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