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Frontier Markets: Sub-Saharan Africa’s ‘Big 5’ to Drive Growth

Business Day Column, 1 December 2008
Artcle by: Simon Freemantle, Senior Manager and Head of Africa: Frontier Advisory

IN THE last edition of The Exporter I explained why ongoing south-south cooperation and the steady rise of the Big Five sub-Saharan African economies could lead to the same adventurous international companies that took on the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) in the 1990s and early 2000s, being attracted by Africa’s growth potential.

Mumbai under siege

Moneyweb: SAfM Market Update, 21 November 2008
Mumbai under siege

ALEC HOGG: Still on the Mumbai story, which has been dubbed India’s 9/11, we welcome Martyn Davies, chief executive of Frontier Advisory. Martyn, just by way of clarification, what we are seeing on the various TV news channels coming out of Mumbai, there were at least three incidents, two hotels. I had the privilege of staying in the Taj Mahal in Mumbai – very upmarket, they call it a seven-star hotel. [Also] another very expensive hotel in Mumbai, and then a Jewish centre in the city. Why would these terrorists have focused on these three areas?

China’s $586bn economic stimulus package

SAFM, 10 November 2008
China’s $586bn economic stimulus package

ALEC HOGG: Across to the Crowne Plaza in Beijing now as we welcome Martyn Davies, the executive director at Stellenbosch University’s Centre for Chinese Studies and Chief Executive Officer, Frontier Advisory. Martyn, good to have you at – what’s it? – past one o’clock in the morning your time.

China is key to Africa’s growth

Business Outlook – No 114, November 2008
China is key to Africa’s growth

Sino-African relations have increased exponentially since the late 1990, with trade relations increasing by more than 800% over the past decade. The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was established in 2000 and since then diplomatic tours and high level visits to Africa appear to have become annual events. The Forum has strengthened political and economic interest between China and the continent and the deepening friendship has paved the way for entry of Chinese companies across various sectors througout Africa. This has led to accelerating Chinese investment flows to Africa and greater biding for projects in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

The Detroit of Asia

Automotive Business Review, November 2008
Article by: Dr Martyn Davies

Thailand was dubbed to become the ‘Detroit of Asia’after reaching the 700,000 unit milestone in November 2005. The auto industry has become a major component of the Thai economy with the governement constantly gearing itself to achieve the 2 million unit annual capacity target by 2010.

China Increases its Role in Africa’s Infrastructure Developments

BusinessForum China, November 2008
Article by: Hannah Edinger & Dr Martyn Davies

China’s political and economic role on the African continent has increased dramatically over the last few years. Since forging diplomatic ties with the continent more than five decades ago, China has extended both political and financial support, especially with regard to the latter, over the last decade. Financial support has been focused on resource-rich economies, based on the fact that one of the cornerstones of China’s foray into Africa is to secure both energy and hard commodity resources at source, in order to sustain its ongoing high growth rates. Africa is rich in raw materials, but is also in need of key infrastructure financing; it thus serves as a commercial opportunity for the People’s Republic.

China’s Growth

Classic Business (Classic FM – 102.7 FM), 20 October 2008
Podcast by: John Fraser & Dr Martyn Davies, Chief Executive Officer – Frontier Advisory (Pty) Ltd

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Classic Business Interview

Classic Business (Classic FM – 102.7 FM), 24 October 2008
Podcast by: John Fraser
John Frazer, Michael Tatalias, CEO – South African Tourism Services Association (SATSA) & Dr Martyn Davies, CEO – Frontier Advisory

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Financial crisis will turn Africa east

Reuters, 8 Oct 2008
Article by: Barry Moody

The international financial crisis is likely to weaken Africa’s links with the West and drive it towards other emerging markets, especially China.The spectacle of huge Western banks collapsing while China, Africa’s biggest emerging market partner, remains relatively unscathed is likely to have a lasting political and cultural as well as financial impact. “There is gradually going to be a shift in the centre of financial gravity from the West to the East,” said Patrick Smith, editor of the new Africa-Asia Confidential newsletter.

Frontier Markets

The SA Exporter: Business Day, 6th October, 2008
Article by: Hannah Edinger & Johanna Jansson

The current slump in the global economy has and will leave its footprint on some of the world’s most advanced economies. But while growth prospects remain limited for developed markets, emerging and frontier economies have been less affected. These include key raw material-exporting countries, which are increasingly dependent on the current drivers of world growth by supplying resources to rapidly industrialising markets.

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